HH Gold

Genuine Atocha coins (Premium quality)

H H Gold, Inc. has a deep inventory of authentic pieces of eight treasure coins from the famous Atocha shipwreck of 1622. We normally stock all denominations in most grades from the Potosi, Mexico City, and Lima mints. Pictured below are some examples of premium quality Atohca coins that represent some of the finest Atocha coins available anywhere.

Atocha coins from the Lima, Peru mint from assayer Diego de la Torre (“D”), known for the high quality of his coinage, are extremely rare, and the most sought after of all Atocha coins. All coins pictured are Grade I. Please see the Certificate of Authenticity for additional information on each individual coin.

Pieces of eight treasure coins (cobs) from other shipwrecks are also available, as well as gold doubloons. Please e-mail us with any inquiry you may have.